Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review

Hello I’m klonoasfan and today I am going to talk about a game called Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  The game came out for the Nintendo Switch and the WiiU, and I have been spending a lot of time playing the game.


Link wakes up by a voice after 100 years of sleeping and losing his memories.  He finds out what happened over the past 100 years when the main villain, Calamity Ganon took over Hyrule Castle, and that the voice is Zelda who is keeping the main villain from escaping the castle.  Now Link’s has to explore the land, recover his memories, free the divine beasts, and defeat the main villain.


The graphics are to put it simply beautiful and Asian.  There are bright colors that make everything pop out and it is easy to recognize what is what.  This is especially true when it is day time in the game and in good weather.

Figure 1: View of land from atop of Great Plateau tower


The weather effects are cool due to the fact that it changes depending on the time, the area, and what is going on at the time.  A few examples are nice clear weather, rain especially in Zora’s domain when Ruta is still causing the rain making it hard to climb, and lightning which will strike Link if he is wearing or carrying anything made of metal.

There is a variety of terrains to explore, each with their own looks and hazards.  One of them is mountains that are climbable, and some are so tall that there is a hazard of freezing to death.  There could also be goats that might attack and there are usually monsters to fight against.  Another is open fields where all sorts of monsters may be, some of them even ride horses.


There is a lot to the gameplay, so I will only be able to write about a few things.  First there is the combat where Link has to pick up weapons to be able to fight against monsters, and there are different types of weapons such as swords, hammers, and bows.  There is even a stealth attack that will cause more damage, and attacking the head will also cause more damage.  The thing is be careful because weapons and shields break after some use and they are gone.

Another big part of the gameplay is exploring.  The game is huge with so many areas to explore.  A few methods of getting around are the standard walking and riding a horse which requires Link to tame a horse first.  There are also running, climbing, and swimming which all takes stamina which Link only has a limited amount of.

Figure 2: Riding a tame horse

There are also quests to take on, and can be found all over Hyrule.  The game has different types of quests.   The main quests continue the story.  Shrine quests where certain actions are needed to find a hidden shrine or to reach a shrine.  Lastly, there are the side quests that some NPCs will give out that include getting specific items and defeating monsters.

My thoughts

This is an amazing game that is worth playing.  It has a huge world with lots to do, and I am still finding new things and quests to undertake.  I recommend getting the Switch version of the game, mainly because it the one that I’ve been playing and it is great to be able to take the game with me when I travel.

P.S. the photos were taken with my cell phone.

Kirby Return to Dreamland Review

Hello, my name is klonoasfan and today I’ll be talking about Kirby return to Dreamland.  This is a Wii game where the player plays as Kirby, a cute little pink puffball who I swear has a black hole for a stomach.  Other players can join the game as Meta Knight, Bandanna Dee, and King Dedede.


A ship crash lands on to Popstar, the place where Kirby and his friends live.  Kirby and his friends go to check out the crashed ship to find a person named Magolor and learn that the ship is missing some parts.  Kirby and his friends decide to help Magolor fix his ship by finding the missing parts which are spread throughout dreamland, and Magolor promises them a visit to his home planet when the ship is repaired.

Figure 1. Kirby Return to Dreamland [wii]. cutscene
Cutscenes help move along the story at certain points.  These cutscenes are mostly show and have very little dialogue which helps keep up the flow of the cutscene.  It also makes them look nicer and keeps the players immersed in the game.



There are a lot of actions that are available to the player.  There are the standard walking and dashing around to move around stages/areas.  Kirby can also fly by inflating his body and floating around like a balloon.  One of Kirby’s more interesting and fun abilities is to inhale, which forms a vacuum leading to his mouth.  He can inhale enemies, blocks, items, and various other items.  There is even a way to increase the power of inhale by shaking the Wii remote up and down.  This is amazing for sucking up bigger enemies and blocks.  Kirby can also exhale whatever he has in his mouth, which come out as stars, causing damage to enemies.  Before I get to the best part of the gameplay there is one thing I almost forgot about, Kirby can slide across the ground to destroy blocks, harm enemies, and get through very small passage ways.


The best part of the gameplay is Kirby’s copy ability.  When Kirby swallows certain enemies or items he can copy their abilities.  It is amazing how many abilities that are available to Kirby in the game.  Each ability has their own set of moves that can be used by pressing certain buttons, and the amount of moves depends on the ability.  The abilities that I really like are the ice ability since dashing makes Kirby ice skate and freezes enemies into ice blocks allows me to use them as projectiles, and the mike ability since it can really destroy a good amount of enemies through a tone deaf Kirby shouting into a microphone.  The ability can only be used three times though.

Figure 2. Kirby return to Dreamland [wii]. Flare Beam ability

There are even ultra-abilities which are more powerful versions of certain existing abilities.  One of the ultra-abilities is the Flare Beam ability, as seen in Figure 2, where Kirby summons a ball of energy and can move it around the screen to destroy enemies.  They are so much fun to use, being able to perform move that clears the screen of enemies and obstacles.  They are also needed to find the way into special places where the player can get two more energy orbs.


Figure 3. Kirby return to Dreamland [wii] stage
The game is a 2D side stroller filled with lots of color and 3D models.  It has a whimsical cartoon look to it that makes it fun to play.  It also helps that the frame rate is very smooth and the loading time is not very long.


The cutscenes of the game are beautifully presented, and it helps that there are very few of them to interrupt gameplay.  Each cutscene is shown with a border making them like watching a cartoon on TV.  They also have a painted look to them that is very colorful, which indicates when there is a cutscene and when it is time to return to gameplay.  An example of this is seen in Figure 1.


Overall, this is a game that is worth playing, and more than once.  It’s easy enough for anyone to try, and enough content to keep one playing.