Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Review

Hello my name is klonoasfan and today I’m going to write about a game called Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This is a game that came out for the Sega Genesis in 1992.  It has since appeared in a number of collection games and re-releases for a large amount of consoles.


The story of the game is quite simple.  There is an evil scientist called Doctor Robotnik/Eggman who plans on world domination.  He does this by kidnapping little woodland animals to power his robot army, and has placed some in condiment units.  It is now up to Sonic, the one the player plays as, to free the animals and defeat Doctor Eggman.


Sonic:  The main/playable character of the game who is a blue hedgehog that runs really fast.

Miles ‘Tails’ Prower: Sonic’s sidekick who was introduced to the series in this game.  He is a two tailed fox with the ability to fly.

Doctor Robotnik/Eggman: The main villain of the game who is a mad scientist that uses small animals to power his robots.


As Sonic the player will be able to perform a few actions.  First there is running and jumping, which can be used for platforming, destroy robots, and avoiding hazards.  There is also the spindash ability that allows Sonic to rev up in a ball form than take off.  This ability made its first appearance in this game and is really useful for going really fast quickly and for destroying robots.

The controls overall is pretty good, which is good since this is a game where you play as a speeding hedgehog and being able to react in time is useful.


The style of the music is chip tone, which is to be expected of a older game.  Overall it is background music that is very memorable.  It is not something that people would think of while playing the game, but would be noticed if it is not there.  Each level has their own theme, and there is also one for boss battles.


In this game the levels are called zones, and are usually separate in two pieces called acts.  The exception to this is the Metropolis zone which has three acts.

img_0108The first zone of the game is Emerald Hill Zone, which is the classic forest area.  It is very similar to the Green Hill Zone from the first game, which is not a bad thing and is a nice way to start out this game.

Another zone is Chemical Plant Zone, which is a place that is being flooded with chemicals.  This place is so iconic that it was recreated with better graphics for Sonic Generations.  Before I forget there is a part in the zone in act 2 to be careful of else you could get trapped in a loop that will either end if you get out of it or when Sonic dies.

My favorite zone in the game is the Casino Night Zone.  I really like the casino theme of the place with how the place looks, and the colors.  There is also the music which has a nice upbeat ragtime style going for it.

img_0105There are also the special zones, which is a half-pipe area that can only be accessed if the player has 50 rings at a checkpoint.  Here Sonic and Tails have to collect enough rings to get a chaos emerald.  There is one hazard to watch out for called bombs, which causes Sonic and Tails to lost rings if they hit one.

My thoughts

Overall, this is a very enjoyable game.  I’ve had a lot of fun speeding through the zones, and sometime even finding shortcuts.  It is alot more fun to play then the first game, mostly because it is easier to speed through the zones.  Even through this is a older game, it is still worth playing for anyone who likes platformers and characters that go really fast.

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